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Project proposal and Final research project

ANLY 515 Final Project Risk Modeling Instructor: Dr. Martin A. Negrón For this project students will use the portfolio developed for the homework problems. The time interval will be from the end of the homework time interval to the present. Students must use the tools and techniques discussed in each lecture to progressively develop and evaluate the portfolio. The project will consist of 2 separate deliverables and each deliverable will be graded using the criteria described below: Project Proposal (100 points)

Cover page. Includes a project title, student’s names and date in this order. Be sure to compose a descriptive but brief project title. Executive summary. Provides a summary of the project scope, findings, and conclusions. (model findings and conclusions are included with the final report) Table of contents. Lists section headings, figures, and tables with the corresponding page numbers. Introduction. Sets up the scene with background information on the portfolio under study, the objectives of the project, and the optimization objectives.

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Project proposal and Final research project
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  • o Describe the portfolio § Sectors

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