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Project Management Case Study 13.2 Questions

Need help in writing a case study 13.2 Super conducting supercollider (Page numbers 464 and 465) at the end of Project management achieving competitive advantages 4th edition by Jeffery K Pinto chapter 13 . Explain about the case and answer all the 3 questions in the case study. The case study shall be in APA format with a minimum of 4 outside references.

Questions at the end of case study:

1. Suppose you were a consultant called into the project by the federal government in 1990, when it still seemed viable. Given the start to the project, what steps would you have taken to reintroduce some positive “spin” on the Superconducting Supercollider?

2. What were the warning signs of impending failure as the project progressed? Could these signs have been recognized so that problems could have been foreseen and addressed or, in your opinion, was the project simply impossible to achieve? Take a position and argue its merits.

3. Search for “superconducting supercollider” on the Internet. How do the majority of stories about the project present it? Given the negative perspective, what are the top three lessons to be learned from this project?

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