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Product Evaluation

Select a specific advertising campaign of a product or service to evaluate.

Research your selected advertising campaign using the Internet or other sources.

Write a 1,050 word paper that evaluates your selected advertising campaign using the TARES test of ethical advertising. Remember, the TARES test asks the following questions:

·         Are the ad’s claims truthful?

·         Is the claim an authentic one?

·         Does the ad treat the recipient with respect?

·         Is there equality of status or importance between the sender and the receiver?

Answer the following questions in your paper:

·         Who is the intended audience for this product?

·         What needs does the product or service propose to fulfill?

·         What are the positive aspects of the advertising campaign?

·         What are the negative aspects of the advertising campaign?

·         In what ways is the advertising ethical or unethical?

·         Does the campaign meet the TARES test?

Cite at least two references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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