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Poverty reduction in China to meet the sustainable development goal by 2030

Writing this research paper need to read materials, like at least 8 papers that I will provide. There are several more papers that I cannot upload due to the limitation, and I will provide them directly to the tutor~ This assignment is really important, really thx for your help.

The literature review must:

be critically evaluating published academic literature in

development economic theory or policy

be word-processed using only one side of the paper and the pages

should be numbered

have all graphs and tables properly labelled and neatly drawn

be checked for grammar and spelling errors

consist of a list of chronologically sequenced references at the last


Referencing for any data or information sources are compulsory and should follow the APA Style of referencing (6th edition), see for the referencing style guide.

You should NOT exceed 3000 words overall for writing this Literature Review (excluding references and footnotes/endnotes)

This is an individual work assignment and Turnitin reports from all students should be emailed via AUT online before the submission deadline (See Guidelines in AUT online).

The literature review is a more detailed analysis of your research seminar. It is therefore more like a research paper and thus will need to include the following components:

1. Abstract: One or two paragraphs not exceeding 300 words, summarising what your topic comprises, what the conclusions from the literature review were as well as any important policy implications.

2. Introduction: Not exceeding more than 1 page. You should introduce your topic here. At the end provide a paragraph on how your paper has been organised section-wise.

3. Literature review: This is the main component of this assessment, and you may want to sub-divide this further section-wise into the theoretical and empirical literature in your chosen topic. You should analyse each key article in some detail, trying to extract a common theme from a group of articles, if possible.

4. Analysis and Policy Implications: This is your own analysis of the literature that you’ve reviewed, with a focus on the policy importance of the results stemming from your review.

5. Conclusions: Summarise your final observations in this section, and any gaps in the literature that you identify, in this section, which should not exceed more than 1 page.

6. References: List all your sources (journal articles, other papers, books and book chapters, websites) in alphabetical order using APA style of referencing. All these sources should also be properly cited in the text. Remember, Lecture notes CANNOT be used as a source of reference. Also, all web sources used should be clearly referenced with their URL and data accessed.


7. Tables and Figures: You may want to include all Tables and Figures (with proper sequential numbering) at the end in an Appendix, and refer to it in the text. This will avoid formatting problems in including tables/figures in the text. You can then just cite the relevant table/ figure number in your text.

8. Formatting: Your literature review must have continuity in terms of page numbers, and your name and ID should be there on the first page.

Remember that you will be assessed on your own writing and presentation skills including analytical interpretations of the literature and not merely on the basis of information you gather from the above sources. The paper must therefore, reflect your own understanding of the academic literature.

Since this would require you to do some research on gathering the relevant literature and interpreting it, an early start would be highly advised. This would also help you to better plan your research presentation which should also be organised similarly.

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