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Post directions, candidates’ response posts to their classmates

Discussion Post directions, candidates’ response posts to their classmates should include (a) their reactions to classmates’ postings, (b) how/why their actions would be similar or different, and (c) additional case law and statutes that could have been included, and (d) at least two questions that are thought provoking and probing. Discussion responses should be between 2-4 paragraphs in length (i.e., 75-100 words) and should contain grammatically correct sentences that have been thought out and encourage further discussion.

This scenario is complicated in that the non-profit organizations are allowed to hand out flyers and display materials during lunch and the Gideons want students to be allowed to have access to Bibles during that same time which happens to be a non-instructional time. I understand why the Gideons would make this request, but because this is an elementary school, the Equal Access Act does not apply to this particular scenario. This law applies only to public secondary schools which allows for student-lead noncurricular groups (Stader, 2013). With that being said, it is important for the principal to take the most appropriate steps in handling this situation.

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Post directions, candidates’ response posts to their classmates
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I believe, based off of my readings and research, that the principal should not allow the Gideons to make Bibles available to students or allow non-profit organizations to hand out flyers and other materials during the school day. This decision would eliminate any possible discrimination issues between the two groups. I believe that if the principal were not to allow the Gideons the opportunity to make Bibles available, it would be considered discriminatory because other outside organizations were allowed to hand out materials. Stader (2013) stated, “School officials may impose reasonable rules and regulations to maintain order, but may not discriminate against religiously based activities.”

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