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POS2041 FSCJ American Presidency Discussion Project

I2n the national government the legislature makes laws and the president can sign or veto them. However, the president can also make a written comment when approving the legislation. These “signing statements” have been used to either praise or criticize a law by presidents from Monroe to Obama.

However, a few presidents have used signing statements as a way to refuse to enforce a law, or parts of a law. George W. Bush did this frequently to assert that Congress can not pass a law which undercuts the power of the “unitary executive branch.” Some critics argue that the proper presidential action is either to veto the legislation (Constitution, Article I, section 7) or to ” faithfully execute” the laws (Constitution, Article II, section 3).

Defend your position on the use of signing statements based on the power of the unitary executive branch.

Visit the American Presidency Project online to find at least one example of such a signing statement to support your position.

Must be 2-3 paragraphs and site at least one source that supports your position.

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