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Piloting an Evidence-Based Practice Recommendation Assignment

Piloting an evidence-based practice recommendation
In the past five weeks, you have read several research articles. This week, I have given you quality improvement articles in the Readings and Resources section. Your textbook gives a high level overview of implementing an evidence-based practice change on pages 430 to 438. These pages describe the leadership support and communication practices that need to be in place within an organization.
Chapter 21 describes a specific process to implement a quality improvement (QI) project, which is often used to pilot an evidence-based practice recommendation. These steps are:
1. Assessing health system performance by collecting and monitoring data
2. Analyzing data to identify a problem in need of improvement
3. Developing a plan to treat the identified problem
4. Testing and implementing the improvement plan.
The authors of your textbook go into detail on these steps on pages 458 to 469 and they discuss various tools, such as data analysis, run charts, control charts, bar charts, cause and effect diagrams, fishbone diagrams, root cause analysis, flowcharts, aims, measures, PDSA cycle, and others.
In your initial post, write about one example for each Improvement Step that is exemplified in the quality improvement articles given in the Readings and Resources. Do not repeat what another student has given as an example. If you can’t find an example of a step in the articles, ask for help from your other group members.
In the responses to your classmates, give an example of a QI project from your work environment and connect a part of the QI project to something you’ve read in Chapter 20 or 21.

discussion board post should be at least 200-250 words in length, and should use at least one resource as support. This resource may be your textbook, required readings for the course, or outside research. Use APA citation format to properly credit your supporting material. You should also include a descriptive subject line in this initial post.

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