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Physical Education Basketball

Physical Education Basketball Assignment 1

Trinity 2021

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Physical Education Basketball
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Brief Overview: Basketball is a sport that was invented by Mr. James Naismith and is currently one of the most popular played and well known sports around the world. This term, students were exposed during their PE sessions to the history of basketball, terms, rules and videos, which familiarize them even more to the sport that they mostly likely knew something about already.

Instructions: Students are required to conduct a research as it relates to the 5 playing positions in the game of basketball ( point/lead guard – PG, shooting guard – SG, small forward – SF, power forward – PF and center – C ). Students will be given 2 weeks for the submission of their research paper via the platform indicated by the teacher.

This research paper must include the following :

1. Student’s name, grade, class and teacher’s name.

2. A very short biography (no more than 1 paragraph) of either an NBA, WNBA or local basketball star for EACH playing position. The biography should focus on the player’s basketball career or journey with the sport. A total of five (5) mini biographies ( 1 for each playing position ) should be included.

For example : Maya More is a small forward – SF , for the Minnesota Lynx who has 4 WNBA championships, etc

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