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PHI 3200 Capella University Virtue ethics Essay


Due Feburary 25 – APA Format

  1. Write a 2-4 page essay, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font, on one of the following questions: 1. Aristotle lists a number of virtues in his Nicomachean Ethics. Choose three or more virtues that you consider to be most important for someone working in business and explain in detail why you think they are important
  2. 2. You are working as an accountant at a large corporation. The CEO orders you to count inventory as sales in order to artificially boost company income to keep the company’s stock high. He also says, “I’m sure you’ll insure your future with the company by doing this.” What message is the CEO sending? What ethical issues are involved in this case? Would you go along with the CEO or oppose him? Why or why not? Explain your reasons in detail.
  3. 3. John Rawls and Bob Nozick offer radically conflicting visions of the good economic society. Explain their positions in detail. Do you agree with Rawls, Nozick, or are you somewhere in the middle? Explain your answer in detail.
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