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persuasive letter

Focus on the AIDA approach with this persuasive claim letter on behalf of your business.

Using the example on page 230 of our textbook, write a persuasive message with the body comprised of at least 350 words.

Use typical formal letter format with two addresses, a date, and a signature block.

Business writing principles must be used.

Lumberjack Investors is a group of seven NAU alumni who pool resources and invest in alumni startup companies.

Address for letter: The Lumberjack Investors Inc., 1899 Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ. 86001

Typically, Lumberjack Investors offer $100,000 loans to new companies, with negotiable interest rates and loan payoff schedules. Larger and smaller loans also are available. When the investors weigh the best investment opportunity, it is common for them to pursue a 20% ownership in the alumni-owned companies.

  • Starting with a compliment or point of agreement, followed by statement of the problem.
  • Identifying data to support your claim
  • Appealing to the receiver’s fairness, desire to satisfy customers or ethical practices.
  • Presenting reader benefit, including AIDA
  • Anticipating and countering resistance.
  • In your concluding paragraph, describing the action you would like taken.
  • Business writing principles discussed in our textbook and in class, including widows (BP7.)

the company you are going to ask money for is “Event planning Agency”

BP:(Business Principal)