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Persuasive Essay

CJ526 Unit 6

Final: Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay
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After completing the revisions to your essay, based on the instructor’s feedback you received in Unit 4, prepare and submit your final essay to your instructor via the Dropbox.

Remember to refer back to course information, your readings, and your instructor’s comments while completing the final draft.

Revise your rough draft to a 2,450–2,800-word (excluding title page and reference list) persuasive essay based on the feedback you have received.

Include the following components in your essay:

· Introductory paragraph

· Include your thesis statement (highlight your thesis statement)

· Include a discussion of at least four supporting points

· Supporting arguments and examples defending your position for each of the following:

· Body Section 1 (supporting point 1 fully presented)

· Body Section 2 (supporting point 2 fully presented)

· Body Section 3 (supporting point 3 fully presented)

· Body Section 4 (supporting point 4 fully presented)

· Identified concession to the argument and rebuttal

· Conclusive summary

Consider the following in your writing:

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