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Persuading speech outline

Select a topic for persuading speech, write an outline on it. Must follow the instructions below:


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Persuading speech outline
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  1. Introduction (about 1 minute)
    • Must have a  story or a picture or a statistic as a way to start your speech
    • The Map or purpose of your speech
  2. The Body (about 3.5 minutes)
    • Key point 1 supporting or explaining your topic
    • Key point 2 supporting or explaining your topic
      • Must cite one source indicating where your research information came from.  State this during your speech as you are using the information.
      • Include 1, 2 or 3 power point slides, pictures or charts
  3. Conclusion (about 1.5 minute)
    • Quick summary
    • Must identify a request for some action from your audience (the “ask”)
    • Closing statement

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