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personal reflections by thinking about socioeconomic factors


You will add a new entry in the reflective journal that you began in Week 1 Assignment 2.

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personal reflections by thinking about socioeconomic factors
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Continue your ongoing personal reflections by thinking about socioeconomic factors and family structures, specifically. Compare yourself and your family background and schooling/community experiences during your school-age years to those of students’ families today. Consider the achievement gap in light of desegregation and ongoing issues related to racial inequality.

Remember that you can submit your journal as a video using the video tool available in NCUOne. Instructions for using this tool are available in this week’s resources.

As before, you may want to post some of your thoughts from your journal in the NCU Commons. While you are welcome to share your thoughts wherever you would like, a special conversation has been started within the Educational Leadership community of practice; the link is available in this week’s resources. Introduce yourself, if you have not already, then include whichever parts of your journal you would like to share. Maybe even ask a couple of questions to engage others in a conversation. Remember that feedback and additional perspectives from the diverse voices in the NCU Commons might support your ongoing reflections and growth regarding cultural competence.

Be sure to consider your instructor’s comments on your previous journal entry and integrate that feedback as appropriate.

Length: an additional 1 to 3-minute video or 1-2 pages in the journal you are building; title and reference pages not required for journal entries.

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