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Performance Standards Worksheet for Schools

Performance Standards Worksheet for Schools

The Performance Standards Worksheet contains all the Cognia™ Performance Standards and related Key Concepts. It was designed to help you prepare for your Accreditation Engagement Review by helping you to organize and document your evidences and artifacts around the Standards. It is not a required document and you are not required to share it with your Accreditation Engagement Review Team; however,

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Performance Standards Worksheet for Schools
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· It will help you organize your collective thoughts, documentation, and information sources.

· It can provide the team with introductory information about your institution. You can even submit it in workspace™ if you wish.

· It can help you with your Improvement Journey .

Each Cognia Performance Standard is defined by five or more Key Concept statements representing the elements of the i3 Rubric. The elements are as follows: Engagement (EN), Implementation (IM), Results (RE), Sustainability (SU) and Embeddedness (EM). The i3 Rubric is a change management tool that can help you determine how your improvement initiatives are progressing. The Accreditation Engagement Review Team will use the i3 Rubric to evaluate the degree to which your institution meets the Cognia Performance Standards

You might find it helpful to turn the Key Concept statements into questions. For example, read the first Key Concept in Standard 1.1 below:

· “The institution provides opportunities for representative internal and external stakeholder groups to build a commitment to the institution’s purpose statement.”

You might rephrase that as:

· “How do we provide opportunities for representative internal and external stakeholder groups to build a commitment to our purpose statement?”

Beside each Key Concept is a placeholder for you to add evidences and artifacts about your institution related to the Key Concept. Answering the questions contained can help to guide your discussion with key stakeholders. In addition, you may want to ask the following:

· What are our practices and procedures?

· How do we know how we are doing?

· What documentation do we

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