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Performance Analysis for Football

Assessment Requirements

SPO090-3 Performance Analysis for Football

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Performance Analysis for Football
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Assessment Type

This assessment is a report

It should critically analyse sports performance

It should demonstrate your understanding of performance analysis for a sport

The nature of the task means that the report needs to be critical in its approach

Assessment Facts

2500 word limit

Supported by academic references

Hand in by 10 am on 21st May 2021

Online presentation via Collaborate in week commencing 24th May, date TBA.

Threshold Standards

Select and use appropriate techniques and resources, from those available to you, in order to effectively analyse performance in a given setting

Carry out a performance analysis project.

• Analyse data and formulate feedback for participants

Present appropriate feedback to the athlete(s) or coach(es) in an appropriate manner

Learning Outcomes

1 Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding

Systematic knowledge and analysis of appropriate techniques and resources which can be used to evaluate player and coach performance analysis within a football setting.

2. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities

Synthesise, critically analyse and communicate data collected from football training or match-play in an appropriate manner to support formulation of feedback for player(s) or coach(es).

Assessment Brief

The assessment is a 2,500 word individual report to communicate the findings of a performance analysis (player and match) project.

You will collect data relating to the performance of an individual football player or team and subsequently analyse this data in order to provide feedback on performance

Assessment Task

Carry out a performance analysis project in a on 3 matches featuring Reading FC

This will be based on the 3 match recordings on In-Play

You must select 1 or more KPI to analyse

You must provide a rationale for the selection of the KPI and your methodology.

Report your findings to the head coach.


Introduction – (10%)

Set out the task and how you will approach it (link to lit review)

Mini literature review – (20%)

Stick to the KPI(s) you are looking at

Analysis – (40%)

Use In-Play to generate data

Recommendations – (20%)

i.e. What do your team do well and where do they need to improve?


NB 10% presentation skills.

Academic Thinking

You need to blend in academic thinking and relevant supporting information to your report.

This should include references to all your source material

This can be completed in many ways

Academic Thinking

Your rationale for the approach to analysis – what evidence (academic or otherwise) led you to deciding the area you selected?

What is the academic thinking around the KPI(s) you selected

Academic Thinking

You need to weave academic (and other relevant sources of material) into your written report to support and justify your thoughts and analyse


The grading criteria are set out in the assessment

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