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Park University Creative Problem Solving Tool Plan Assignment

Planning and coordination are required for success. Planning for a Creative Problem-Solving event should involve:

  • The goal or desired outcome.
  • Recruitment of individuals willing to participate (should be voluntary).
  • Time allotted to teach individuals new techniques or tools.
  • A strategy for accomplishing the event (management support and participation).
    • Agenda
    • Timing
    • Expected outcomes
    • Leader, scribes, experts – whatever staff is needed.
  • Adequate space, writing/drawing materials and/or devices.
  • Time for breaks, refreshments, feedback.
  • Report completed at end of session.

Like any event, the better it is planned, the more success it will generate.


Develop a plan to use the Harmful/Useful tool as a Creative Problem-Solving Tool. Be sure to plan for the 7 phases on the Innovation cycle associated with the Tool. Remember this assignment is about planning to use the tool, I do not need to actually use the tool. You can use the 7 steps presented in the Introduction or develop your own process. Just make sure you have planned to use the technique to solve a problem of your choice.

Note: The Tool is comprehensive and a bit difficult. Focus the 300-word paper, following the assignment guidelines, on how you would plan such an event to achieve a successful outcome.

Title: The Innovation Tools Handbook, Volume 2

Authors: H. James Harrington and Frank Voehl

ISBN-13: 9781498760515

The Innovation Tools Handbook, Volume 3

Authors: H. James Harrington and Frank Voehl

ISBN-13: 9781498760539

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