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This discussion is part of Unit 1 assignments are due with the Unit 1 deadline.

The remaining four discussion boards involve you reading articles that are posted in the documents section of this website. Bonobo Sex and Society.pdf

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For this second discussion board read the article with the link above entitled  Bonobos Sex & Society by Frans de Waal. After reading the article post a thread of a minimum of two paragraphs. Summarize the key points you consider most important. Cite two or three key facts or ideas from the reading and underline them or put them in quotation marks. Explain why these points are significant. Then add,  what I call, a (1+) statement to your thread in the discussion. A (1+) statement demonstrates your critical thinking by going beyond what the author has already told us and adding some new “twist, or “take” on the information. Examples might include any of the following:

Agree/disagree & why (some reason not previously discussed in the reading)….or

A question not yet raised is………….or

A prescription / solution not yet proposed is……or

A related or contributing problem not yet discussed is…..ETC

Summarize the article in one paragraph.  Identify two or three key facts from the article, underline them or put them in quotes, and then tell why they are important.  For your (1+) statement, mark it with the (1+) symbol so that it is easy to locate.  It should be last.

Be creative, critical thinking requires thinking “outside of the box”

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