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Organizational Structure, Governance, and Faculty


Week 4 Assignment: Assessing Access and Funding

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Organizational Structure, Governance, and Faculty
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In this time of higher education austerity, campus leaders seek models that save money and promote universal access. However, models proposing cost reductions that impact teaching loads, class size, and program offerings, or that require the substitution of lower-cost part-time faculty for tenured faculty, are problematic. Instructional priorities in such cases are often at odds with priorities of governments and university leaders focused on globalization, universal access, and budgetary constraints.


For this Assignment, apply these considerations to your chosen country.


By Day 7

Write 2-3 pages on the following, citing this week’s Resources and your own research:


· What funding strategies have been proposed for your chosen country? If appropriate, cite the precedence of these strategies, such as the American or French models used successfully in the Middle East.

· What are the strengths and weaknesses of these funding strategies for society and for the individual student?

· How do these strategies address the use of technology?


Week 5Assignment: Focus on Organizational Structure, Governance, and Faculty

Rankings affect not only student enrollment and institutional status, but also often faculty issues. Ironically, during a time of increased demand for the “product” of higher education, faculty are faced with fewer tenured positions, larger classes, an influx of part-time nontenured faculty to reduce budgets, reduced research opportunities, and pressure to improve teaching skills. Yet the talent of its faculty determines the status of a university, so staff development, hiring, and retention are increasingly important

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