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Organizational Activities Assignment

  1. You are assigned the task of developing a performance measurement system in your operation. What information would you need to establish the system? What steps would you take to develop and implement the system? What concerns would you have about the validity or reliability of the system?
  2. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs describes various levels that individuals move through. The lowest level is physiological needs, and the highest is self-actualization. Using the five levels of needs, do the individuals possess different attributes or needs that would change how we motivate them?
  3. Human limitations have an impact on job design, equipment, processes, etc. What are human limitations? How do they impact work? Why must you be aware of the issue of limitations? What are the implications of limitations on expected job performance?
  4. Training employees is essential for organizations to ensure productivity. If you are given the task of developing training for a new process, what would you do to ensure the training provides what the employees need to perform the new job? How would you know if you were successful in your efforts?
  5. Organizations have a major concern related to customer service and customer satisfaction. Why are organizations stressing customer satisfaction? What would you do to determine the level of satisfaction the customers have with your function? Provide steps in the process and how you would use the results.
  6. Strategic planning should be a critical component of organization’s activities. If you are assigned the task of changing an operational process to improve productivity or performance, what relationship should there be to the organization’s strategic plan? How would you undertake the redesigning of the process?
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