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Organization Behavior Presentation

I need powerpoint 10 slides

Hollywood Opportunity

The film is a means for you to identify and explain your understanding of course the course named Organization behavior

topics present in the film.

Instead explain how our course subject is present in the film or the message(s) the film

conveys regarding humanity, integrity, and the presence of remarkable human will.

Focus on connecting the character(s) / scene(s) to course topics and examples.

Below are examples of films you may use.

The film list

12 Angry Men


A Civil Action

American Beauty


Cast Away


Crimes and


Crimson Tide

Draft Day



It’s a Wonderful Life


Little Miss Sunshine


Merchant of Venice

Michael Clayton


Pirates Of Silicon Valley

Risky Business


Scent of a Woman

Shawshank Redemption

The Company Men

The Contender

The Founder

The Godfather I or II

The Princess Bride

The Sting

Tin Cup

Up In The Air

Grading Criteria

On time, adhered to time guidelines.

Well prepared and organized. Presentation of ideas flowed logically.

Clearly and accurately explained course content and its application in the film.

Demonstrated depth of knowledge of course topics by responding well to questions.

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