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online class presentations



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online class presentations
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Presentations – general guidelines for all COMM 135 classes:

Students will prepare and deliver a minimum of four (4) graded speeches: two (2) informative speeches and

two (2) persuasive speeches.

A typed, formal outline properly formatted and turned in to the instructor is required prior to each graded


A typed bibliography with at least five (5) sources, all of which must be cited in the speech, will be listed

on the outline. See specifics below for each speech.

No speech may be read from a manuscript.

Students may use note cards only as memory prompts.

Instructors may require submission of speech topics for prior approval. Banned topics include hate speech, religious proselytizing, or advocating violent or illegal acts.

Ethical behavior is measured as per LSUS regulations regarding plagiarism and other forms of cheating.


Student Responsibilities – online class presentations:

Each student must gather an audience of at least seven (7) people who are old enough to understand a

presentation aimed at a college-level crowd for each speech;

Each presentation must be recorded using a fixed camera mounted behind the audience. No zooming or

Panning or editing is allowed. All audience members and the speaker must be visible during the entire speech.

Speech due dates/times will be posted on the course site. Please make sure that your recorded speech arrives prior to the deadline.

The speech must be recorded as it is given in one (1) take. No editing or other tampering with the

recording is allowed. Remember – we are trying to simulate public speaking and there are no “edits” when you give a presentation to a live audience.

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