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NTC 425 UOPX Risk management in IT Questions

Due to recent high-profile data breaches of national companies, our Risk Management Director wants to confirm that the new Health Information Technology and Health Information Exchange systems will protect patient, employee, and organization data. You will need to create a Risk Management Summary to address her concerns.

Second, you have been assigned the task of creating the troubleshooting process that will be used to identify, assess, and resolve issues related to information exchange errors and glitches.

Write a 1- to 2-page Risk Management Summary that:

  • Describes the security, confidentiality, and privacy risks you identified and the hardware design elements you included in the design to address them, along with a short explanation of what data they protect and how
  • Identifies the administrative, system configurations, and user best practice controls that will be implemented to assure data security and integrity

Create a one-page Troubleshooting Protocol to address any reports of performance problems related to internal or external information exchange.

Include the following:

  • Orient the IT support team to the types of errors or performance issues that could be related to the HIE system
  • Provide a high-level introduction to the HIE system and background information they will need while troubleshooting and supporting users
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