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New Testament

Replies should be no less than 75 words.

1. This should be addressed to Lashundra Hunt,

In the book that we are reading it talks about pseudonymity is the practice of creating new works in the name of a famous deceased author (Harris, 2014). It does not change my view, because I feel like everyone who has written a story did get some help from someone on writing the story. I feel like a little help can give the story a extra kind of meaning and etc. Yes, I feel like Paul disciples could’ve helped him with the transmitting of the letters. The reason I would say this because Paul disciples were around him more then anyone so they would know him best. Clement and Paul both did some of the same things. They both wrote letters to the Corinthians. Clement was a bishop in Rome, that wanted to make peace with the Corinthians. Clement dealt with the things people needed to do to obey God. I think they should be in the New Testament canon even though if Paul did not write them, because they played a major part when it came to God and Jesus.


Harris, S. L. (2014). The New Testament: A Student’s Introduction (8th ed.). Dubuque: McGraw-Hill Education

2. This should be addressed to Samantha Williams,

Pseudonymity, according to our text, means the practice of creating new works in the name of a famous deceased author (Harris, 2014). It does not change my view. Stories are often told by multiple people and each one has a different opinion or view. These can add color or different aspects of the story. Paul’s disciples new him best so they could have helped with transmitting the letters. Clement was the bishop of a church in Rome. Like Paul, Clement sent a letter to the Corinthians to reconcile peace, renew their faith, and proclaim the doctrine he had received from the apostles (Severance, 2010). He also talked about the good deeds people needed to do to obey God. He wanted I do think the letters should be included in the New Testament. They were written by people that were involved and lived during that time. They may not be Paul’s direct words but they were from people that were around him and knew what was going on. They saw things with their eyes and talked to different people.

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