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Negative Message Informational Letter on A Workplace Scenario

you will write an e-mail or office memo based on a workplace scenario. In doing so, you will deliver bad news ethically and with consideration.


Imagine that the city of Milwaukee has mandated that employers “adopt, implement, and maintain a written smoking policy that shall contain a prohibition against smoking in restrooms and infirmaries.” Employees must also “maintain a nonsmoking area of not less than two-thirds of the seating capacity in cafeterias, lunchrooms, and employee lounges, and make efforts to work out disputes between smokers and nonsmokers.”


  1. If you haven’t already, complete the Writing Workshop: Informational E-mail (Assigned Readings & Preparation Activities).
  2. As Lindsey English, director of human resources, you know that the city of Milwaukee’s new policy will not make employees happy. However, using the best practices you learned for electronic communications, write an e-mail or interoffice memo to all department managers of Imperial Foods, a large food products company. Announce the new restriction, and tell the managers that you want them to set up departmental committees to mediate any smoking conflicts before complaints surface. Explain why this is a good policy.
  3. Describe the process you used, and what best practices you applied in writing the letter.
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