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Native American Culture – Sherman Alexie and Vine Deloria Research Paper

The Authors I need information on are: Please include all information listed below:

Sherman Alexis and Vine Deloria

Exploring Native American Culture assignments are opportunities provided in each unit to research and gain insight into Native American culture through individuals non-literary cultural artifacts. For Unit 1, complete the following assignment:

  1. Choose a Native American author from Units 1 and 2 of this course.
  2. Research the author’s life and literary works (minimum two sources).
  3. Using one of the texts (poems, fiction, or non-fiction) we’ve read in class, and/or works by the same author not included in the course, compose a 2-3 paragraph essay that addresses the following:
  • Summarize and explain the author’s personal experiences and how they connect with their literary works.
  • Connect and analyze Native American themes as they relate to the author’s work(s).
  • Include evidence in the form of quotes or paraphrased ideas from at least two supporting sources, complete with MLA citation. These sources DO NOT include texts written by the author!

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