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Motion Graphics Video about a tourism commercial on Adobe after effect.

I need to do an after effect video about a tourism company and I need an animated logo for the company I have the name of the company I need to choose 1 country with 5 landmarks I’ve chose the country it’s London with 5 landmarks in it such Big Ben.

A Traveling Agency is looking for 2D animation designers to create a

 Logo design for the agency (.Ai)

 Motion graphics video for landmarks in different countries such as

(UK, Egypt, Jordan, Italy, China…etc.)

Including the following:

1. (Duration: 25-30 sec – Dimensions: HD 720 x 1280 pixels, Frame rate: 25 fps)

2. Animated Logo

3. 5 landmarks in one country or city.

4. Typography

5. Sound effects

6. Applying 3D layer technique in After Effect creatively

7. Export the final video (.Mp4 (H.264))

8. Creativity

9. Save the files as .Ae & collect files

I need to add an audio

plus I will provide the tutor with images

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