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Morgan State University Module 10 Capital Structure and Policy Discussion

Your report should be no longer than three pages, and it should include the following:

  • What is the company’s mission statement? (10 pts)
  • How does the company’s capital budgeting policy attempt to maximize the earnings per share and shareholders’ value? (10 pts)
  • How does the company choose projects and investments that will add value to the firm? (10 pts)
  • Based on what you find out in the annual report or other online information sources, what type of risk profile does the company have in its capital budgeting policy: a conservative policy, a moderate policy, or a high-risk policy? Explain your observations and reasoning for your choice. (20 pts)
  • What approach to capital budgeting planning does the company take: an aggressive-growth plan, a normal-growth plan, or a low-growth plan? Explain your observations and reasoning for your choice. (20 pts)
  • What changes, if any, has the company made to its capital budgeting policy during the past year? (10 pts)
  • Do you think the company’s capital budgeting policy is consistent with its mission statement? Explain why. (10 pts)
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