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Models of Critical Thinking Reflection Paper





Develop a 4–5-page reflection paper (not counting title page and references) that addresses the following:

  • Identify and briefly describe at least two critical thinking models and support your descriptions with sources from the literature. These models should be different from the model you choose in the next section of the paper.
  • Describe the reflection model you are using to reflect on your learning in this course. Explain the steps involved in the model and how you used those steps to guide your thinking process. One such model that many find useful is Brookfield’s (2015) model of “Four Lenses.” You may choose to use this model as the basis for your reflection paper, but you are not required to do so. A citation for the article is in the Resources for this assessment
  • Evaluate your progress on mastery of the course competencies:
    • Create inclusive learning environments that demonstrate respect and value of diverse backgrounds.
    • Incorporate multicultural perspectives into curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
    • Apply information literacy skills to locate scholarly data, theories, and research.
    • Reflect on personal and professional dispositions to identify areas of focus for learning and growth.
    • Communicate with colleagues and stakeholders in a manner that is scholarly, professional, appropriate to purpose, and culturally responsive.

On the self-assessment earlier in this course, you set some goals for your learning and you created some action steps to help you meet those goals. Reflect on your progress toward the goals that you set for yourself.


Goal Statements

Goal Statement #1:

By 5/5/19, I will review more scholastic and peer to peer articles about improving cultural issues with curriculum and assessment for in classroom learners to enhance the learners experience during training sessions.

Goal Statement #2.

By 5/5/19, I will begin to review scholastic and outside materials regarding student inclusiveness and ways to enhance inclusion in the classroom to avoid any current or potential student from being disengaged or feeling excluded in a classroom setting.

Goal Statement #3.

By 5/5/19, I will begin searching for and reviewing alternative and updated methods for instruction of curriculum for recommendations to outside vendors based off of the analyzing and interpreting of training class metrics at the end of each session.

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