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model legislation aimed at defending and dismantling public schools

In reference to the article, A Smart ALEC Threatens Public Education, Underwood and Mead (2012) indicate that “Coordinated efforts to introduce model legislation aimed at defunding and dismantling public schools is the signature work of this conservative organization.” use APA format.

Please respond substantially to the questions below:

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model legislation aimed at defending and dismantling public schools
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Which primary stakeholders do ALEC appeal to in its push for privatization of schools?
What is the primary purpose of the bills introduced by ALEC?
In what ways does ALEC introduce market factors into schools and the teaching profession?
What would be the impact on those with diverse ethnicity, language, culture, and disability if ALEC pushed for privatization is successful in dismantling public schools?
When new public education legislation is introduced, what are some of the questions that supporters of public education might want to ask?
As defined in this article does ALEC’s influence build or undermine democracy?
In your opinion, what ways would ALEC’s push for privatization help or hinder society as a whole?
What happens to our democracy when we return to an educational system where access is defined by corporate interest and divided by class, language, ability, race, and religion? In a push to free-market education, who pays in the end?

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