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Mission and Vision Statements

  • First, choose a company and examine its mission and vision statements and any statements about its values.( Amazon)
  • Second, find Stetson’s mission and vision statements. Compare and contrast the mission and vision statements from the company you chose and Stetson.
  • Evaluate the degree to which each organization lives up to its mission, vision, and values and provide support for your assertions.
  • Using concepts from Chapter 5, develop a mission and vision statement for your life with particular focus on the remainder of your academic career and your early professional career.
  • Find an example of an organization of any kind that has either :

1) faced a challenging, difficult decision,

2) engaged in behaviors that ran counter to its mission, vision, or values (MVVs), or

3) suffered in some way due to adhering to its MVVs?.

How do you evaluate their behavior in light of their MVV? If they made an error, how did their MVVs help them rectify the error? Is the MVV sufficient? Does it /they need to be modified? From what you can observe, how closely does the organization identify with or “believe in” their MVVs? Enhanced challenge Assignment:

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