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Medical Rights for Incarcerated Patients Prison.

  • Your responses to your classmates must be substantive. Share ideas, explore differences, and think critically about your classmates’ posts. Bring in information from your textbook, classroom resources or other credible sources that you find to contribute to the discussion. You are invited to share relevant audio, video, or images in your responses. You must cite and reference any sources you use, even in your responses to your classmates.


My research question is “How has prison healthcare changed over the last twenty years?” I researched the internet and found this article; Beyond Estelle: Medical Rights for Incarcerated Patients Prison.

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Medical Rights for Incarcerated Patients Prison.
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Currency (refers to the timeliness of the information. Is it current or outdated?)  The article was published on November 4, 2019. It is existing data covering two seminal cases in the Supreme Court that established the standards of care for an incarcerated person.

Relevance (does this information relate to my research question?) This information is relevant to my research question. It covers many aspects of laws that have forced a change in the correctional system. Prisoners have rights, and the article covers many laws that have changed to protect them and their right to healthcare.

Authority (refers to the person writing or publishing. Do they have credible credentials or affiliations?) The author is Gregory Dober; he is an instructor of Biomedical Ethics at Lake Erie College. He has written many articles on laws and prisons. This article published in the Prison Legal News makes it reputable. He was co-author of a book in 2013. His insight into law and ethics is reliable. The intended audience for this article is for a professional audience, Lawyer, Doctor, Nurse, Professor. I Googled him to find out information about him, though it lists many articles he wrote at the end of his paper.

Accuracy (Is this information viable? What is there to support this article?) Laws are the supporting factor in the report. There are explanations of court proceedings and their outcomes and reasons that led to developing the law. The information is accurate, and I have read some of those laws in my annotated bibliography articles.

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