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Martial Relationships Over the Family Life Cycle

Please identify a married couple from a popular television show, and apply the four marital power patterns to this relationship. Choose which power pattern you believe the actors are displaying and give examples as to why. There are many different forums in which to examine this, cable, satellite, netflix, hulu, youtube, etc.

Grading Criteria:

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Martial Relationships Over the Family Life Cycle
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Your grade in the DF will be assigned as follows:

Quality primary input-Your initial post will count as 80%. Primary input should be thorough and direct and posted no later than Friday, or 1/2 the points will be deducted. Quality primary input should be complete, thoughtful, and well-developed responses that are substantive and may contain specific text references. Students should refrain from personal opinions unless it is based upon objective facts. It must be detailed; at least two paragraphs (5-7 sentences each). If there is more than one part to a question, you must answer all parts of the question.

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