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logistics as a supply chain component

Assignment Instructions
Weeks 5 & 6: Project 3 Case Studies
Course Objectives:

CO5: Define sourcing as a supply chain component, how to measure performance, and key strategies to improve effectiveness.

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logistics as a supply chain component
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CO7: Evaluate logistics as a supply chain component, including how to measure performance, and key strategies to improve effectiveness.
Assignment Prompt:

For this two-week assignment, you will be answering a series of questions regarding two case studies; one case study in Chapter 5 on the Sourcing function and a second in Chapter 6 that addresses the logistics function. The Case studies are included in an attached Word document. It is recommended you print out a copy of this to have while answering each question. You may also read these at the end of chapters 6 and 7 in your textbook (Sanders). As this is a two-week assignment, use your best instincts how to “completely answer” each question. Your instructor will be looking for depth of insight, excellence in research, and highly professional writing.

The template below is formatted according to APA7 and should not be modified other than to enter your “response” to each question. Begin by reading the assigned chapters. Next, carefully study each case study, then research each assignment context on the internet in order to provide in-depth answers and a minimum of 3 resources. There is a a grading criteria is available below that explains how your answers will be graded. Remember to provide in-text citations for both paraphrased and quoted testimony from you experts. When inserting a direct quote, remember to include either a page number or, if a web-based resource, use a paragraph number. If you need to brush up on APA7, two resources are included as attachments to help you format references and citations.

Two examples of in-text citations are included below…

Direct quote example: Smith (2018) proposed “All citations must include a page or paragraph number” (p. 18).
Paraphrase example: Smith (2018) advised students to include a page or paragraph number whenever paraphrasing.

Note: When completed, upload the final document to this week and use the naming convention: jSmith_Project3

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