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local emergency planning committee

If you were a member of a local emergency planning committee (LEPC), discuss one program element that you believe is essential for the protection of your community. Include how your issue may impact local industry.


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local emergency planning committee
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Our community had a LEPC, but I was not a member of it. I was working at the fire department at the time and my Fire Chief was a member, so he attended meetings and brought information back to me. Some of the things I was involved in from the fire side of things, was performing routine inspections of companies and industries around the area. I would make sure they were remaining in the guidelines set forth by the city, county, state and federal governments when it came to reg compliance. This issue I ran into a lot of times was the fact that I was born and raised in the area and either grew up with, or went to school with the children of many of the workers. They felt that it was a small town and that we would never be inspected by an outside organization. They wanted me to let the small things slide and not report them back to the LEPC. This was not something that I felt was right to do, so I would write my report and give to the Chief to present to the group. Anything that took place from there was in the hands of the LEPC. This helped to reduce the fault companies were putting on me. I found this to be an interesting process and wanted to be more involved but life took me a different direction and I left the fire department.

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