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Litracy Article Critique/Reflections Format

Article Critique/Reflections Format

All article critiques should be NO LESS than two pages and NO MORE than three pages.

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Litracy Article Critique/Reflections Format
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· Critiques MUST be in the following format with the listed sections in bold.



Citation (APA)

Johnson, L. (2012). Using literacy strategies. Reading Research Quarterly, 42(2), 289-


Please note the above format for the citation – If your citation is not in this format you will lose points. Note how the title of the paper is written and what parts of the citation must be italicized. Also notice the hanging indent on the second line, and it is double spaced.

Summary of Article:

Critique of Article/Personal Reflection:

Scoring Rubric


Assignment Component






Earned Points


Critique is on assigned topic


5 points


Required format is used (above) and headings are present


5 points


12-point Arial/Times New Roman font and double-spaced


3 points


Minimum length of two pages


7 points


APA Citation is correct


5 points


Summary is no more than 5 sentences/75 words


5 points

Reflection is at least 15 sentences/125 words and shows and shows the use of critical thinking  

15 points

Error free analysis (correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA style) See Appendix A.  

5 points


Total Points

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