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Linear Optimization

The purpose of this assignment is to employ linear optimization techniques, interpret results, and determine optimal solutions for business problems.

Using specified data files, chapter example files, and templates from the “Topic 4 Student Data, Template, and Example Files” topic material, complete Chapter 13, Problems 25 (part a), 28 (part a), 31 (part a), 32 (part a), and 37 (part a) from the textbook. Use Microsoft Excel’s Solver Add-In to complete these problems. For each of these problems, run the Solver’s Answer and Sensitivity Reports. Interpret and summarize the key results.

To receive full credit on the assignment, complete the following.

  1. Ensure that all Solver settings are defined through the use of the Solver dialog box.
  2. Ensure that Excel files include the associated cell functions and/or formulas if functions and/or formulas are used.
  3. Include a written response to all narrative questions presented in the problem by placing it in the associated Excel file.
  4. Include Answer and Sensitivity Reports interpretation and summary of key results.
  5. Place each problem in its own Excel file. Ensure that your first and last name are in your Excel file names
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