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Law Firms and Internet Use to Contact Business Computer Law Assignment 3

You are working for Karl and Dawn, experienced lawyers who are just starting their own firm. Karl claims that social media is a disaster. His Uncle, a judge, had to answer questions by the Judicial Board after tweeting some comments in favor of law and order and against drunk driving. A defendant took some general ideas he expressed and complained that the judge was pre-judging his case. The judge won the hearing, but feels that social media cost him time, grief, and trouble.

Karl knows of lawyers who refuse to use any social media, because prospective clients take casual comments as if they are complete legal advice. Karl wants you to recommend a vendor or assist you with a user friendly website instead. He wants one that is informational only, that does not link to email or allow payments.

On the other hand, Dawn says the firm needs a full service website that makes online legal work feasible and makes online credit card payments easy to do.

Dawn also thinks some informational advertising on social media should be used. She claims that firms that don’t use both will not be findable by clients.

Argue both sides. Show your sources and your own thinking.

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