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Language and Literacy Development Journey

EDD8081-Assignments: Weeks 3–10: A Language and Literacy Development Journey

In this Assignment, you are challenged to synthesize all you have been exploring about child development related to language acquisition, language development, and literacy. Specifically, you create a fictional story of one child’s language and literacy development journey, from the prenatal stage through age 8.

To complete your Assignment, you are to create a paper of 8 pages.

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Language and Literacy Development Journey
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To begin your Assignment, review the high-level details (in red) provided below as well as the document titled A Language and Literacy Development Journey Outline in this module’s Learning Resources. (Learning Resources are in attachments)


It is highly recommended that you take note of due dates for which you will submit sections of your Assignment to your Instructor for grading.


Section 1: Week 3: Introducing Your Child: Home Life, Family, Community, and Culture (4 pages) Due 6/17/2021

Section 2: Week 3: Prenatal and Infancy (about age 1) (4 pages) Due6/17/2021

Section 3: Week 4: Toddlers (about 1 to 3 years old) (4 pages)Due 6/23/2021

Section 4: Week 5: Preschoolers (about 3 to 5 years old) (4 pages) Due 7/1/2021

Section 5: Week 6: Kindergarteners and Primary School-Age Children (about 5 to 8 years old) (4 pages) Due 7/8/2021

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