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La Bohème And Rent The Two Renditions Comparison Help

The following are links to scenes from La Bohème and Rent. Rent is a modern interpretation of La Bohème. The two clips provide the same scene from each. In this scene, one of the main characters, Mimi, is dying.

“Sono Andari” from Puccini”s La Boheme (Time: 11:00; Transcript)

Rent (Time: 9:32; Transcript)

After watching each of these, respond to the prompts below, labelling each part appropriately.

Part 1. Compare and contrast these two renditions, citing two similarities and two differences. (8 pts)

Part 2. What are the genres of each of these examples? (4 pts)

Part 3. What aspect(s) from these two clips makes the story translatable into different formats? (4 pts)

Part 4. Which of these two renditions to do you prefer and why? (4 pts)

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