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kines concept map

Concept Map Instructions

Choose three concepts/processes and explain how combining these concepts influence and interact with one another.

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kines concept map
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Things to consider while preparing…(these are only hints to help you get started, it is up to YOU to go further and develop the relationships/links between the concepts/processes)

How does one concept benefit the other- Does it increase its (i.e., the concept) effectiveness on performance?

If you changed one concept would it influence the other?

How are they similar?

How do they differ?

Why do you think the combination of the three concepts will provide peak performance of that behavior?

*the main focus is on the interaction of the concepts. The behavior is the by-product.

A model of the map must be created: Ideas include pdf file, a powerpoint, or any other way you think you can communicate your model clearly!

Targeted behavior:

Identify, define and briefly explain each concept (Should be at least 4 Sentences per Point)




Concept Map

Link (influence/interactions) the concepts with each other and discuss how they will influence performance (Should be at least 6 sentences per point)

#1 link #2

#2 link #3

#3 link #1

****Make sure to include your Actual Concept Map as well!

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