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key aspects of their culture and how this culture was impacted


Final Paper:

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key aspects of their culture and how this culture was impacted
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100 points

Due May 19 by 11:59PM

5-7 pages, double-spaced

1-inch margins

Your final paper will be a continuation of the assignment above. You must use quotes from the course text twice and you need at least four outside, credible sources. These sources do not have to be academic. You must have a reference page. Your paper should be 5-7 pages (not including the reference page).

Here is an outline for your final paper (You will be graded with an expectation of you using this outline. The rubric will give you more details.):

I. Intro (here you might use a narrative to explain where we are today) (one paragraph)

II. Describe the crisis (use both descriptive language and direct quotes) (approx. 2 pages)

III. Discuss the group you chose to focus on, including key aspects of their culture and how this culture was impacted (approx. 1-2 pages)

IV. Reflect on what you could learn from their experience (you might relate this to how it is the same and/or different from your own culture’s experience of the pandemic) (approx.. 1-2 pages)

V. Conclusion (one paragraph)

VI. Reference Page

Grade Based On

Points Possible


· Free of spelling and grammatical errors

· Readable with the use of active verbs

· Meets length requirement

· Intro and conclusion

· Reference/Works Cited Page


Desc. Of Crisis

· Clearly describes the crisis

· Uses two credible sources

· Uses the feedback from the first draft



Chosen Culture

· Identifies the culture

· Explains a few things that make this culture unique

· Explains how this culture has been impacted

· Uses at least one credible sources



Reflection on How Others Could Help

· Explains lessons learned from this experience

· Uses at least one credible source

· Uses the textbook

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