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KATETUTOR ONLY Mission, Vision, Values, and Ethics Statements


In this assignment, you will work on the first component building toward the final LASA. You are required to create your mission, vision, values, and ethics statements. These statements will help you focus your outlook on the LASA that you will complete in M4 Assignment 2 LASA. Each of these statements has specific requirements as outlined in the suggested readings. For example, a mission statement is only a few sentences that are carefully written to outline the entire mission of the agency. A vision statement is often only one sentence.

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KATETUTOR ONLY Mission, Vision, Values, and Ethics Statements
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While this sounds easy, it is your goal to convey everything about your agency in 1 (i.e., the vision statement) or a few (i.e., the mission statement) sentences. As you discussed in M2 Assignment 1 Discussion ( the other one you just completed), these statements are the framework for how you and your agency’s employees will frame your work together and with clients.




In a 2- to 4-page professional proposal, complete the following:

 Create a mission, vision, and values statement for the proposed agency (PO 8). Create an ethical statement for the organization (PO 6).


In addition, you will address the following program outcomes: Theoretical Applications (PO 1), Research (PO 3), Personal Value Systems & Interpersonal Effectiveness (PO 4), Multicultural Competence (PO 5), Professional Ethics (PO 6), and Administration of Human Services (PO 8).


Please note, this assignment will be revisited and revised based upon instructor feedback when integrated into M4 Assignment 2 LASA. Please review the LASA Overview (already provided as attachments here, ) for full details.


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