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Investigate Stoke’s Law, Geology Discussion Research help

  1. Select two (2) of the following questions to research the answer on the Internet.  Research sources of information on the Web can include, but not limited to, books, articles, videos, and handouts.
    • Investigate Stoke’s Law and answer the following questions: What are the limitation on the application of Stokes” Law to grains descending through a fluid? ? (In other words, what makes the use of Stokes’ Law only an estimation in natural systems?) What factors determine the terminal velocity of a sedimentary particle? (counts as two) o
    • What are the sedimentological differences between humid alluvial fan deposits and those of arid alluvial fans? Assume both have a granitic primary source for the sediments.
    • How does a stream become “overloaded” with sediment? What happens to the channel when a stream is thus overloaded?
    • Why do some rivers develop meanders? What characteristics of flow lead to this sinuosity?
    • Every surfer knows that waves break as they approach the shore. You, though, as an educated sedimentologist can tell me here why waves break before they reach the shore.
    • What are the differences between marine and non-marine evaporite deposits?
  2. In a page or less:
    • State the question(s) you selected to research.
    • Post a synopsis, based on the results of your research, the answer(s) to the question(s) selected.  In the synopsis, include a brief explanation of the significance of the knowledge you learned from your research on historical geology and cite the reference source(s) of your research.

*You can choose any of the questions you want. Whatever is easiest for you.*

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