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Introduction to Regulatory Compliance

When a region routinely experiences elevated ozone levels, state agencies are required to implement a state implementation plan (SIP). Discuss one option for state regulators to consider to reduce ozone and how this option could impact the community.


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Introduction to Regulatory Compliance
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I will use my region around Virginia due to the condensed population in the larger cities and the large military and ship presence in the region. Currently the state only requires a vehicle emission inspection once a year but if the area started to experience increased ozone levels, it would be worth considering implementing a biannual vehicle inspection program to ensure that vehicles were operating correctly and not emitting an above average amount of pollution. I would consider looking at inspecting vehicles once during the summer month and once during the winter months to ensure it was operating efficiently during cold and hot weather in the state. It could be similar to preventive maintenance on your home heating and cooling system. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend and remember our fallen service members who laid their life down for this great country.

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