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Introduction to Homeland Security and Defense (3 Pages)

I have taken a Introduction to Homeland Security and Defense course and I need a summary of the course as a whole.

I do not need this for 2 more days – But I need someone who can PROMISE me an A+ on this paper

This is the course overview:

This course offers a broad overview of the key operational and policy areas the United States government employs to best ensure the security of the nation.  Students will explore and discover central themes that frame the government’s homeland security operations which emerged after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The course begins with students examining the concepts of homeland security and homeland defense and continues its examination of policy elements through an examination and analysis of key strategic documents and statutes.  The second component of the course involves operational aspects of homeland security where students will examine significant threats posed to the nation, vulnerabilities to those threats and how risk management can be employed to maximize security. 

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