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Introducing Personal Research Narrative

Discussion topic for week 4: Introducing Personal Research Narrative: the I-Chart

Throughout the course you’ve been asked to research, keep notes, and even create a reflective annotated bibliography on a particular research topic. Now that you have spent some time researching sources on your chosen topic (Mercenaries, [ – Topic– Government vs. Private Troops]), it is a good time to reflect and write on the topic itself. Throughout this process, your job will be to read and consider the material that you gather, to spend time writing about it, and reflecting on it. Eventually, in the Personal Research Narrative, your job will be to tell the story of your research journey. It will include research materials, cited, that you reflected and wrote about. It will talk about wrong ideas that you may have had, and right ideas that may have expanded.

In this discussion topic, you will write a reflection using the I-Chart on the research topic that you’ve chosen (Mercenaries). This discussion topic is designed to help you continue to develop material for the Personal Research Narrative.

1. Look over the notes that you have taken on your research topic.

2. Using the I-Chart, reflect on the topic that you have chosen to research.

3. Fill out the I-Chart.

4.Please write a paragraph that reflects on the topic that you’ve chosen. Post your paragraph and your I-Chart in the the discussion. Please provide feedback to your peers.

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