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Intro and Description of the State of the Crisis


The final project for this class is made up of two separate assignments.

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Intro and Description of the State of the Crisis
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First Half (Intro and Description of the State of the Crisis) (2 pages)

25 points

Please note: You can choose this option or the other final paper option. You only need to choose one.

You will complete a rough draft describing the current state of the COVID-19 crisis in the US (or if you want to choose another country, that’s fine, but focus in on only one country).

The overall goal of the final paper is to reflect on how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the world. Since this is an intercultural class, your focus will be on how the pandemic might influence a particular culture in unique ways. You should choose a culture you are not from. Example cultures: Service industry culture, health workers culture, Chinese-American culture, undocumented culture, senior citizen culture, millennial culture, etc.

For the first half of the paper, you only need to provide an overview of the actual crisis. You’ll need to use at least two credible sources to help you explain this, but you can also use your personal experience. I have given you an outline for the whole paper below. The first half includes the intro and description sections.

For this semester, all first drafts are credit/no credit. To be clear, this is the case if you choose the interview assignment as well. Very important: If you do not have both required sections, you will receive no credit.

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