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Integrative Learning Experience

Community Health Sciences

Integrative Learning Experience (ILE)

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Integrative Learning Experience
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Intervention Plan Rubric

Community Health Interventions Concentration

An intervention plan describes a public health issue and proposes an evidence-informed intervention that addresses multiple levels of the socioecological framework and is appropriate to the community and problem. The focus of the intervention must be appropriate to the student’s concentration and approved by the ILE Advisor. Students will identify and clearly describe a public health problem as it impacts a specific community and will develop a comprehensive intervention plan that demonstrates their ability to design approaches that consider community and cultural health definitions, culturally based health behaviors, and cultural communication styles into planning and implementing a theoretically-appropriate intervention program. The product should include graphics or visual displays (e.g., tables/charts/graphs). Students’ intervention plan report and presentation should be accessible to diverse audiences. The final intervention plan should no more than 5 pages, single spaced, not including the Executive Summary (one page or less, due prior to the deliverable deadline) and citations. All intervention plans must be accompanied by an oral presentation.

For the Community Health Interventions concentration, students must demonstrate the following competencies in their Intervention Plan and associated presentation:

· Foundational Competency 9:Design a population-based policy, program, project or intervention.

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