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INF 630 Evaluating Models Discussion

Evaluating Models

Before beginning this exercise, read the lecture, the chapters in the text and the BABOK® guide located in your online classroom, and the articles. Describe and explain the eight modeling types listed as techniques in the BABOK® guide. Use an example from the CWI Business Problem Scenario (or you may use one of your own examples) to demonstrate one of the modeling types you have described. The example can consist of a scenario accompanied by a graphic, or it can be a narrative that explains how the model was used in a specific situation..

Guided Response: Evaluate several of your peers’ initial posts and examples. Respond to at least two of your peers, and explain whether you agree or disagree with your peers’ discussions and/or examples for their selected models. Identify at least one other possible scenario for peers’ selected models or identify another model that might better fit the scenarios offered.