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Inequality in Society According to Marxism Theory Discussion

This discussion addresses module outcomes 1 and 2. You will apply sociological theories to explore inequality in society. Functionalists argue that when a situation is a cultural universal (exists in every society) it is a necessary component for the survival of society. Inequality is a cultural universal. Whether you examine class, race, gender, age, ability, national origin, etc., unequal treatment among groups occurs (e.g., racism, sexism, ageism etc.). In this discussion, you will evaluate the argument that inequality is useful to society even though it is the source of social problems.

Before beginning this activity, be sure to read the Module Notes and the assigned readings and viewings. Use as much detail from the readings and other learning materials in the module as possible to answer the following question prompts.

  1. Apply any theory that you have learned to explain why inequality exists as a cultural universal.
  2. Drawing on your own knowledge of or experience with inequality (unequal treatment), or if that may be too personal, consider a public or well-known instance of inequality, and describe the inequality or unequal treatment. Did it serve somehow a function that was essential to society?
  3. Do you find in this instance or more broadly that inequality is useful to society?

Be sure to use evidence from the module readings and viewings to support your analysis.

Your initial post should be at least 500 words and must substantively integrate the assigned readings with proper APA  style formatting.

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